NICE Academy 2019

Next week I will be attending the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe Academy in Split, Croatia. A full programme is available at:

I will be delivering a Train the Trainer Workshop titled: Establishing practitioner-led research processes: integrating labour market research into practitioner training

The issue of how to “teach labour market knowledge” to career practitioners is an ongoing topic of debate. The labour market is constantly changing, presenting challenges in ever-new contexts. It is argued that an understanding of the labour market is what makes career guidance unique (Gothard et al, 2001) and that “Labour Market Information (LMI) is important because without it, careers advice or advice to jobseekers is just that, it’s advice” (Attwell and Bimrose, n.d.) To uphold that unique position, it is vital to ensure that LMI is appropriately conveyed, robust and accurate. In addition, it is important to consider the needs of career development practitioners as the audience for effective LMI is both client and colleague: “advisers particularly value resources based on local information and intelligence, that benefit from good design, and which are available in manageable elements (including ‘bite-size’ bits)” (UKCES, 2012).
The redeveloped Contemporary Labour Market module on the MSc Career Guidance and Development at UWS has been very favourably received by students and external partners alike. The new assessment methods offer the opportunity for both theory and practice to be graded, equipping students with the skills required for the career development sector as practitioners, information managers and researchers.
This session will give an overview of the module and engage attendees in an exercise related to the dissemination of LMI. Mirroring a workshop delivered at UWS for learners, practitioners will create a group poster for colleagues on a labour market issue relevant to their practice.

In addition, I will be presenting my current work in progress on domestic abuse and career guidance and development at the research and methods workshop. Image below of a poster to accompany this session.

Domestic abuse and career guidance and development
work in progress poster


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