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Were no women available? Comments on a Scotland Policy Conference

In December I attended the Scotland Policy Conferences Keynote Seminar: 'Developing the Young Workforce' - next steps for skills development and apprenticeships in Scotland . The briefing document is now available for purchase and has been distributed to delegates, contacts in government, the Scottish Parliament and other stakeholders. I contributed a short article to the briefing document, which is published below. For reference, a full list of the conference contributors can be downloaded here . There was much discussion at the Keynote Seminar of the need for diversity and consideration of equalities within apprenticeship provision. Reference was made by the Cabinet Secretary and Damien Yeates to the recently launched Skills Development Scotland Equality Action Plan for Modern Apprenticeships. Equalities should be seen to lead the development of apprenticeship provision in Scotland. My specialist area is gender bias in Modern Apprenticeships and for me, it was interesti

A215 Career Planning Survey

I'm looking for current or past students of Open University module A215 Creative writing  to complete a quick survey for a research project I am doing. I'm looking at the career planning of students on this module and will be using the data collected to initially provide context for a research project into my own teaching practice. I plan to adapt the findings for wider dissemination and publication later in the year. You don't have to be one of my students to complete the survey, you just need to have studied or be studying A215. The survey is here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE:  Survey now closed. Target of 100 responses received in 24 hours, clearly a topic of interest! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------