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Using career guidance skills in HE teaching

Earlier this year, I became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, having completed an independent research project into my professional practice.  My research project looked at the use of career guidance skills in university teaching.  Enabling people to reach their career potential is the responsibility of everyone involved in education. Post-course employability is at the forefront of my own approach to teaching; working in careers prior to and whilst teaching and bolstered with the postgraduate qualification career guidance and development (and a PhD rooted in career development theory on its way). The (abridged, it was quite long...) research project may be of interest to:  careers researchers, careers professionals,  creative/cultural industry academics, the wider HE community.  I hope it may also be of help to others who have portfolio careers in the creative and/or careers sectors and are considering applying for HEA fellowship. My project is available here as a Google