Conferences, Symposia and Invited Talks
Keynote Speech:  The `Blueprint´ framework for career learning in Scotland Nordiskt nätverk för vuxnas lärande (2017) Conference Details
Equality-Aware Career Conversations Career Development Institute Student Conference Scotland, (2017) [Slides]
E-learning applications in guidance counselling: a Scottish Perspective Guest lecture, Dublin City University (2017) [Slides]
Hybrids and metatheories: are 'new' career development theories over complicating things? AGCAS Scotland (2017) [Slides]
Keynote Speech: Equality, inclusion and the career development professional Skills Development Scotland Annual Career Guidance Research Symposium (2017) [Abridged audio and slides]
Working together to Progress Equalities Career Development Institute (2016)
Embedding equalities in workbased learning pathways Skills Development Scotland Annual Career Guidance Research Symposium (2016) [Slides]
The Writer's (Career) Journey National Association of Writers in Education Annual Conference (2015) [Post]
Doctoral Research in Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Skills Development Scotland Annual Career Guidance Research Symposium (2015) [Slides]
Creative Writing MFAs in the UK The Open University Arts Lecturers Conference (2011)
International Young Writers National Association of Writers in Education Annual Conference (2009)
Making Skills Work Network Project/University of Salford (Conference Coordinator) (2007)

Poster Presentations
PhD Colloquium Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (Business and Management Pathway) (2015)

Professional Publication Articles
The Medium is the Message: Taking a Career Development Approach to Curriculum Design and Delivery at the University of the West of Scotland (with Marjorie McCrory) in Career Matters, The CDI (2018)
Doctoral Studies in CIAG in Career Matters, The CDI (2016)
Career History in a Flash (with Janet Moffett) in Career Matters, The CDI (2015)
Creative Writing Graduates/Career Paths in Writing in Education, NAWE (2010)
A Story About Nothing - Finding Form in Swamp (2010)
HE Teaching in WordPlay, English Subject Centre (2009)
Creative Writing in Higher Education in Writing in Education, NAWE (2004)

The Reflection Toolkit, early reflections on its usage at Bridges Programmes The Open University (2013)

Educational Resources
Occupational Profiles, AGCAS, Sheffield (2005 –2008)
Making Skills Work Employability Resource Pack, University of Salford/Northwest Development Agency (2007)

Other Publications 
Comment in Scotland Policy Conferences Keynote Seminar: 'Developing the Young Workforce' - next steps for skills development and apprenticeships in Scotland (2016)
The Work and Learning Evidence Hub (Content Manager)

Book Reviewer, Gutter (2011-Present)
BBC Online (2002-2006)

Selected Creative Work (Previously as Emma Hardy)
Theatre - a potentially burgeoning playlist of grainy recordings from the 2000s here
Fillipe and Shona The Pygmy Giant (2011)
A Birthday Wish New Fairy Tales Issue 4 (2010)

Between Control Panels and Conveyancing Message in a Bottle and Other Stories, Leaf Books (2009)

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